Featured Carvings

Hawksglen Carvings

White capped Chickadee

I had several of these guys visiting my feeders this spring and decided to carve one.  This happy fellow is available for a donation of $45 plus shipping.  Brighten up your day and add him to your decorations. 

Ring Necked Duck

Ring Necked Ducks are named for the subtle brown ring around their neck.  At 11 inches long and about 5 inches high it looks good on a shelf or table. This duck is available for $80 plus shipping.


Sorry, this carving is on its way to a new owner.  I'll be working on another loon soon.  I have some 7" loons available and will be carving a 12 " loon next.Email me if you are interested in a loon.

Great Blue Heron

About 20 inches tall this ghost of the marshes sells for $95 plus shipping.  Email me if you are interested in acquiring it.

Red Headed Woodpecker

I have always been fond of red heads since I used to be one many, many years ago.  This fellow sold last year.  But I'm nearly finished with another which can be yours for a donation to Wounded Warrior Project of $70.  Email me if you are interested.