Brook Trout

I have loved carving and catching brookies for years.  This small but colorful fish is usually eager to take a fly and a joy to behold.  This brookie is 10 inches long and stands 9 inches high with the base.  The base is hand carved basswood rocks and a piece of Lake Michigan driftwood.


You would have to be crazy not to buy this miniature loon!  I love hearing them and watching them dive when I go fishing in my home state, Wisconsin.  Just 8 inches long. 

Featured Carvings

Hawksglen Carvings

Ring Necked Duck

Ring Necked Ducks are named for the subtle brown ring around their neck.  At 11 inches long and about 5 inches high it looks good on a shelf or table. 

Red Headed Woodpecker

I have always been fond of red heads since I used to be one many, many years ago.  This fellow sold last year.  But I would be happy to carve one for you.

Blue Jay

Yes, Blue Jays are the thieves of the bird feeders but they do add some color on a winter day.  This one is 8 inches long.