Wood Duck

That sounds redundant since this Woodie is made of basswood.  Add a little color to your cabin with a wood duck carving.


Brook or Rainbow trout doesn't matter, I love to fish for and carve trout as well as the warm water species like the walleye and smallmouth bass at the top of the page.

Eastern Bluebird

I saw this little  bluebird on a walk with my dog, Bucky, and just had to carve him.  Mounted on a cherry burl he is just 5 inches tall and will fit easily on your shelf.

NOTE:  I no longer sell carvings through my web site.  Contact me if you are interested in a carving.


Recent Carvings:

Realistic Carvings of Songbirds, Trout, ducks, gamefish, and lots of other creatures carved by Jim Lothary in his log cabin in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  Contact me if you want a carving. 

I really enjoy spotting a woodcock in the forest when I go up to fish the Pere Marquette River in Michigan.  Only 8 inches long and 4 inches high, a woodcock carving adds a pop of color to a shelf.


A frequent visitor to my feeder, the cardinal is a joy to carve on a cold winter afternoon.   He is 8 inches long.  I also carve female cardinals which I think are even prettier than the males!

Hawksglen Carvings