Wood Duck

That sounds redundant since this Woodie is made of basswood.  Add a little color to your cabin with a wood duck carving.

Recent Carvings:

Realistic Carvings of Songbirds, owls, trout, ducks, gamefish, and lots of other creatures carved by Jim Lothary in his log cabin in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  Contact me if you want a carving.  Check out Hawksglen Carvings on Facebook to see my latest carvings.

I really enjoy spotting a woodcock in the forest when I go up to fish the Pere Marquette River in Michigan.  Only 8 inches long and 4 inches high, a woodcock carving adds a pop of color to a shelf.



Hawksglen Carvings


Brook or Rainbow trout doesn't matter, I love to fish for and carve trout as well as the warm water species like the walleye and smallmouth bass at the top of the page.

A frequent visitor to my feeder, the cardinal is a joy to carve on a cold winter afternoon.   He is 8 inches long and mounted a birch log.  $55 plus shipping.  I also carve female cardinals which I think are even prettier than the males!

Cardinal Pair

A perfect gift for Valentines Day for just $100 plus shipping.  Mounted on a sassafras limb and will fit easily on your shelf and last longer than roses!

NOTE:  Carvings for sale are on the "Featured Products" page.